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Courses offered by the Center for Bioscience and Biotechnology

Alpha toxin H35L H48L1SPlease contact
Alpha toxin H35L H48L7SPlease contact
Alpha toxin H35L H48L11BPlease contact
ClfA8SPlease contact
ClfA14BPlease contact
GFP113SPlease contact
HlyE11SPlease contact
HlyE12SPlease contact
HRV3C14SPlease contact
InlA15SPlease contact
IsdA16SPlease contact
IsdB23SPlease contact
IsdB-ClfA18SPlease contact
LLO22SPlease contact
LukF9SPlease contact
LukF12BPlease contact
LukS10SPlease contact
LukS13BPlease contact
LysSN-Histag- R3C-site-GFP112SPlease contact
MntC17SPlease contact
SdrD20SPlease contact
SLO21SPlease contact
TEV13SPlease contact